Research Questions

The 2015 A2F Survey focuses on four research questions:

  • How have the main A2F indicators evolved since 2008?

  • Who are the banked, the users of other formal financial services, the users of informal financial services and the financially excluded?

  • Who is using which financial services, how, why and where?

  • Who is not using financial services and for which reasons?

Like in 2008, the survey covers financial services which can be used by large portions of the population:

  • Accounts (bank accounts and mobile accounts);

  • Savings and simple investment products;

  • Retail insurance products;

  • Retail credit and loans products;

  • Services used to make persons to persons (P2P) transfers;

  • Services used to make payments.

Financial services offered to corporate clients or traded on financial markets are not covered.

The survey focuses on individuals only. Therefore, the specific needs and the financial behaviour of micro and SMEs are not investigated, even though entrepreneurs are included in the sample and distinction are made between business and personal use of services where appropriate.

SBP has identified several priority areas for financial development, with a heavy emphasis on the underserved. This report picks up on those issues, as well as on the market for remittances, the rural and urban poor, gender and income dimensions of access, and informal finance. Like in 2008, the use (and non-use) of both financial services offered by formal providers (banks, insurance companies, etc.) and informal providers (traders, money-lenders, rotating savings and credit committees, etc.) are investigated.

Compared to the 2008 survey, more efforts were made in the 2015 A2F survey to also understand the financial strategies of the Pakistani population, considering that specific financial services are not financial strategies but rather solutions to financial strategies.