Gallup Pakistan and Horus Development Finance

Horus Development Finance

HORUS was responsible for the Survey's research design, the conception of the Questionnaire and the reporting work.

HORUS is an independent French consulting company. Since the early nineties, HORUS has been providing consulting services to all stakeholders involved in the field of financial inclusion: financial institutions, financial sector development programs, governments, financial sector regulators, international financial institutions, etc.

HORUS offers a comprehensive range of services to professionalize microfinance, rural finance and SME finance:
     Financial sector studies and surveys;
     Consulting services for financial institutions;
     Long-term technical assistance to financial institutions;
     Long-term technical assistance to sector development programs.

HORUS has expertise in all key areas of microfinance, SME finance and rural finance:
     Strategy & Business Planning;
     Rural & Agricultural Finance;
     Management Information Systems;
     MSME Finance;
     Program Design.

Gallup Pakistan

Gallup Pakistan was responsible for Sample Design , Questionnaire Piloting and Translation , Piloting of the Questionnaire , Field Work , Data Entry , Data Tabulation. A dedicated team of 5 Research Consultants at Gallup Pakistan was deputed for this study spread over Karachi and Islamabad which worked for over 8 months on this study. Gallup Pakistan , headed by Bilal I Gilani , is Pakistan's Foremost Social Science Research Lab and the oldest Private Survey Research Agency. Established in 1980 , Gallup Pakistan is affiliated with Gallup International.

Gallup Pakistan Digital Analytics was responsible for Conceiving , Designing and Delivery the Data Portal for Access to Finance Survey. First of its kind , the Data Portal has improved upon various other Digital Finance Portals available and customised it to the needs of Pakistani Public.

Gallup Pakistan and Financial Inclusion

Gallup Pakistan , is unique for being involved in almost all Digital Finance and Financial Inclusion Research happening in Pakistan. Gallup Pakistan's sister concern , PIPO has been involved with Intermedia FII and FITS Studies that have been studying the Financial Inclusion Changes in Pakistan. Gallup Pakistan has been involved in Microfinance , SME Finance and Customer Satisfaction Studies with Banks all over Pakistan.