Reasons to Consider Borrowing

(Multiple Response Question)

"For which specific purposes would you consider to do so (to borrow)?"

No. of Records %/Total
To pay utility bills4610.02
To pay unforeseen emergency costs (e.g. hospital/medical bills/ funeral)459.8
To meet expenses of wedding and dowry449.59
Other life cycle event388.28
To purchase a vehicle347.41
To buy food275.88
To build-up of a "mattress" (e.g. gold, collectibles, jewelry, etc.)275.88
To pay for a plot / purchase of land255.45
To purchase consumer goods items (such as electronic items such as television, microwave)194.14
To start a new business194.14
To purchase durables (such as furniture, watches, jewelry, etc.)173.7
To purchase or to build a residence such as a house or apartment163.49
To pay for repairs to house or flat143.05
To meet Hajj/Umrah expenses143.05
To meet child birth expenses (for example cesarean operation)132.83
To finance travel/vacation122.61
To meet educational expenses122.61
Respondent can't tell or doesn't want to answer102.18
Other purposes for personal use or for the household51.09
To meet running expenses of a business (e.g. paying salaries, purchasing raw material)51.09
To purchase farm land51.09

*Horus - Gallup Pakistan - Access to Finance Survey 2015