Reason to Consider Loan for Future

(Multiple Response Question)

"For which purpose would you consider borrowing from that institution?"

No. of Records %/Total
To purchase goods for agriculture (livestock) business1710.3
To purchase goods for agriculture (farming) business148.48
Other life cycle event148.48
To purchase consumer goods items (such as electronic items such as television, microwave)127.27
Investment in farm land127.27
To start a new business116.67
To meet child birth expenses (for example cesarean operation)116.67
To purchase goods for the household84.85
To meet running expenses of a business84.85
To meet Hajj/Umrah expenses74.24
To buy food63.64
To purchase vehicle (includes public and private transport)63.64
Investment in a plot or vacant land63.64
Investment in a house/flat/property that you rent out53.03
To meet expenses of wedding and dowry53.03
To pay off utility bills42.42
Lending money to others and earning profit on that42.42
To purchase productive assets31.82
To pay unforeseen emergency costs (e.g. hospital/medical bills/ funeral)31.82
To pay off other loans31.82
To purchase durables (such as furniture, watches, jewelery, etc.)21.21
To purchase /build/ renovate a residence such as a house or apartment21.21

*Horus - Gallup Pakistan - Access to Finance Survey 2015