Reason for Choosing Said Lender

(Multiple Response Question)

"You told me that you borrowed for the purpose of [quote purpose] from [quote lender]. Can you tell me why you chose to borrow from this lender? [ 1st Response]"

No. of Records %/Total
Convenient location of lender within or near my community51321.97
Easy to push the door45019.27
Easy to obtain money26511.35
No interests charged23410.02
No fee, interests or charges at all for this loan1154.93
No need to give guarantees1144.88
Good reputation of this institution / I trust this institution1104.71
No Response994.24
Recommended by family or friend843.6
Friendly service843.6
Fees / interest are low793.38
The people I know go to this institution/person when they need money572.44
Easy to get the money borrowed (e.g. can be given in cash, on mobile account, ...)451.93
I can easily provide the guarantees requested421.8
I work with this institution since long311.33

*Horus - Gallup Pakistan - Access to Finance Survey 2015