Most Recent Loan and Lender

(Multiple Response Question)

"Q706a. Write in the schedule below the codes for the purposes of borrowing in question 705 (other than codes 1 or 2) & ask respondent which of these borrowing is the most recent?"

No. of Records %/Total
Money from friends or relatives - which you will have to pay back and for which you will have to pay some kind of reward1286.88
Borrowing from a committee in which you are a member1025.48
Cash advance from a shopkeeper / a grocery / a store owner, aarti, purchoon834.46
Credit received from the landlord522.8
Money borrowed from a money lender (aartis)392.1
Goods received on credit from shopkeeper or retailer392.1
Group loan (a group member gets the loan on the guarantee of the other members of the group)211.13

*Horus - Gallup Pakistan - Access to Finance Survey 2015