Reasons for Using These Solutions

(Multiple Response Question)

"I would now like you to tell me why you would mostly rely on this solution."

No. of Records %/Total
This solution is cheap3,00714.46
This solution is safe2,65012.74
This solution is the one I trust most2,45711.82
It is a solution that I can handle without difficulties2,19210.54
I have often used this solution in similar situations1,7538.43
I can rely on this solution whenever I need to1,3676.57
This solution allows me to solve my problem quickly1,1315.44
With this solution, the risk of losing my money is small9604.62
This solution is best to augment my money8464.07
No response8394.03
I know this solution well8334.01
This solution allows to maintain the value of money7993.84
I do not know well other solutions I could use7343.53
This solution is the most commonly used in my community in this situation4922.37
This solution is good because it permits me to maintain close ties with people in my community 4632.23
This solution is good because it doesn't go against my culture and/or religious beliefs2671.28

*Horus - Gallup Pakistan - Access to Finance Survey 2015