Most Likely Dramatic Events

(Multiple Response Question)

"Finally, there are also more dramatic events that can have a very bad effect on one's household. Which such events, if any, do you think are most likely to happen to people around you?"

No. of Records %/Total
Unforeseen medical expense3,40612.19
Theft, at household/ property2,6549.5
Death of a household / family member2,3168.29
Serious illness of a household member that requires expensiv2,1667.75
Disability of household member2,1237.6
Member of household loses job1,9937.13
Birth of child/caesarean1,9867.11
Failure of business / bankruptcy1,6295.83
Inability to pay debt1,2484.47
Destruction of agricultural crop / livestock due to floods1,1984.29
Theft or destruction of agricultural crop / livestock1,0833.88
Livestock demise1,0803.87
Separation / divorce8823.16
Destruction of household / property due to earthquake, fire8553.06
Destruction of household / property due to floods7602.72
Do not know4071.46

*Horus - Gallup Pakistan - Access to Finance Survey 2015