Most Used Solutions to Cope with Expected Expenses

"You mentioned several solutions to put money aside for future EXPECTED large expenses. Now, please tell me which one is the solution you rely on most of the time."

No. of Cases %/Total
I used/would use money put aside at home / at the home of relatives / friends1,30242.89
I saved/would save on other expenses/reduced/would reduce my2859.40
I received/would receive money from friends/neighbours whom i had helped with money in the past - vartanbhanji, wanghar2819.24
I used/would use money put on a bank account/Post Office Account1765.79
I got/would get money from a committee in which I am a member1314.32
I borrowed/would borrow goods from the seller/retailer1213.98
I borrowed/would borrow money from family/friends1143.77
I sold/would sell animals1083.56
I sold/would sell stocks of agriculture products (e.g. wheat, rice, cotton, lentils)782.57
I received/would receive help from friends/neighbours because i helped them with my work in the past - Sep772.54
I used/would use money that I had entrusted with friends/relives to use in their business and to give it back to me in case of need742.45
I sold/would sell silver/gold/jewels561.85
I borrowed/would borrow money from the committee where I am521.71
I borrowed/would borrow money from a shopkeeper301.00

Source: Horus - Gallup Pakistan - Access to Finance Survey 2015