Reasons to Unregister Mobile Wallet Account

(Multiple Response Question)

"For which reason did you unregister as a mobile wallet user?"

No. of Records %/Total
I found that I cannot do what I wanted to do with this mobile account417.39
I found that dealing in cash is better313.04
I found that going to the agents is too time consuming / too costly28.7
I do not make the operations anymore for which I registered a mobile account28.7
I did not have enough money to put on a mobile wallet28.7
I found that keeping / putting my money elsewhere is better28.7
Staff at agent's shop didn't understand my needs28.7
I found the mobile wallet too expensive / the fees charged by the mobile money operator are too high14.35
I lost trust in the mobile money operator14.35
I found that some agents are dishonest14.35
My income became too small so having a mobile wallet was not useful any longer14.35
I am not satisfied with the services of this mobile money operator14.35
My income is too small14.35

*Horus - Gallup Pakistan - Access to Finance Survey 2015