Reasons to Close Past Bank Account

(Multiple Response Question)

"For which reasons did you close your account?"

No. of Records %/Total
My account was not used enough1712.59
I did not have enough money to put on an account1611.85
I could not any longer afford to leave the minimum balance to be left on the account139.63
My income is too small128.89
My income is too irregular128.89
My income became too small so having an account was not useful any longer96.67
I found the bank account too expensive / the fees charged by the bank are too high75.19
I do not get any payments / salary on this account any longer75.19
I have no more salary income / I am no more an employee64.44
I am not satisfied with the services of this bank53.7
Long queuing / long processing time for operations53.7
I lost trust in the bank42.96
I found that I cannot do what I wanted to do with this account42.96
I found that it is difficult / cumbersome to withdraw the money you put on an account 42.96
I found the bank staff not helpful / not ready to assist me42.96
Inconvenient hours of operations32.22
The bank doesn't reward my money well enough / I found other methods of saving / investing money that are bringing better rewards21.48
I do not make the operations anymore for which I opened an account21.48

*Horus - Gallup Pakistan - Access to Finance Survey 2015